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Apply NOW for Spring 2023!

We are looking for friendly individuals with a great attitude to join our Farm Crew at Lowe Family Farmstead! Our Farm Crew is made up of high school or college students, stay-at-home parents, retirees, and professionals from all walks of life. Not only does this seasonal job provide a little extra cash, it is also a fun and rewarding way to help other make wonderful memories.

Work at Lowe Family Farmstead is mostly outdoors and subject to the weather. We experience both hot and cold weather during our season. Work on the farm will require that you are able to stand throughout your shift. Some positions require lifting and a moderate amount of physical activity. Our Farm Crew must maintain a clean and professional appearance and be ready to have some fun. We have a wide range of areas to work as part of our Farm Crew. We enjoy hiring individuals who are adaptable; most crew members are primarily assigned to one area, but from time to time may assist in another department. Read through these job descriptions and see which positions are available:


Food Service

  • Prepare and serve a variety of food, desserts, and snacks

  • Take orders, interact with guests and handle transactions

  • Maintain the cleanliness of cooking, serving, and eating areas

  • Clean and sanitize workstations on a regular basis

  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment

  • Restock shelves and food supplies

  • Wash dishes and clean machines daily

  • Prior food handling or restaurant experience is a plus, but not required

  • Assist guests as needed


Cashier + Guest Services

  • Work in admissions building, exit booths, retail area, information booth, and pumpkin scale.

  • Create a positive first and last experience for guests.

  • Handle transactions such as selling tickets, redeeming season passes, and selling merchandise.

  • Responsible for answering questions and interacting with guests with a positive attitude

  • Must be friendly and able to interact with guests

  • Assist guests as needed


Attractions + Facilities

  • Monitor and facilitate activities: Corn Poppers, Apple Blasters, Rusty the VBB, Bee Line, and Potato Sack Slide

  • Patrol the corn maze and assist guests

  • Enforce rules to ensure a clean and safe environment

  • Empty trash cans

  • Must be able to engage and interact with guests of all ages

  • Collect pumpkin carts and wheelbarrows from parking lot

  • Opportunity to assist with events such as Pig Races, Kiss the Pig, and Candy Cannon

  • Comfortable working independently

  • Assist guests as needed


Drivers + Rides (AGE 25+ ONLY)

  • Operate tractors that pull Hayrides, Grain Train, Cow Train and Bee Train

  • Assist guests on and off the wagon or train

  • Maintain safety first and foremost by enforcing the rules at each station

  • Must be personable individuals who enjoy greeting and talking with guests

  • Must be at least 25 years old with a good driving record

  • Mechanical aptitude is a plus to get along with some of our old tractors and equipment

  • Assist guests as needed


Daytime Prep Crew (10am-2pm)

  • Dipping caramel apples

  • Make and bag kettle corn

  • Make fudge

  • Make cookie dough

  • Make and package donuts

  • Bag animal feed

  • Make parakeet sticks

  • Season and prepare chicken

  • Comfortable working independently

  • Restock shelves and food supplies

  • Wash dishes and clean machines daily

  • Prior food handling experience is a plus, but not required

FOS Application
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