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Feel like a challenge? Bring your friends, bring your compass, and tackle this year's MAiZE creation! The MAiZE has been our signature attraction from the start, each year featuring a different design that is sure to get you corn-fused. The MAiZE is carved into 13 acres of corn, and is divided into two phases.

Corn Maze Design Lowe Family Farmstead

2023 MAiZE Design:
Land that I Love

ANNOUNCING the 2023 design and theme of the Lowe Family Farmstead corn maze! We’re tapping into deep connections by celebrating “Land that I Love"!

As any former farm kid can tell you, the smell, sound, and feel of good farmland can sing to your soul. There is something about the investment of hard work, risk of failure, and hope for harvest, applied day after day, through heat and cold, that binds a farmer's soul to the land. Even if life takes us down different paths, a farmer's connection to the land can be reconstituted with a drive by freshly plowed soil, the scent of a hayfield in harvest, or the feel of an evening sunset on the horizon.


At Lowe Family Farmstead, our connection to country shares similar depth and meaning. We celebrate the ideals, principles, and hope that have made America a beacon to the world, and the determination, sacrifice, and commitment of countless individuals who have brought that dream to reality. We are not oblivious to the challenges of today, or of eras gone by, but recognize their role in refining this great American Experiment. When the stars and stripes are unfurled we can't help but feel a connection to all that is good in America.

Our Farmstead family invites you to join us this fall on the Land that we Love. Amidst Farming Fun and Harvesting Memories, you might just be grounded to Idaho agriculture and the American dream in a way that speaks to your soul. God Bless America!

Mini Corn Maze

Mini MAiZE

Not sure if you want to tackle the whole MAiZE? Try our Mini MAiZE, set in the same cornfield, but much shorter and easier to navigate. This is intended for the little tikes who want the experience of the corn but primarily want to enjoy the other activities.

MAiZE History

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