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Feel like a challenge? Bring your friends, bring your compass, and tackle this year's MAiZE creation! The MAiZE has been our signature attraction from the start, each year featuring a different design that is sure to get you corn-fused. The MAiZE is carved into 18 acres of corn, and is divided into two phases.


2022 MAiZE Design:

In a world of ordinary, we choose LEGENDARY! Over the last few years, we've heard from lots of people who have discovered the magic of Idaho. An Idaho native escapes the daily grind, dives into a high mountain lake, and glimpses the glory of our fantastic backcountry. A transplant breathes deeply of fresh air and freedom, takes a risk, and starts fresh. Whatever the circumstance, a sighting of something fantastic has the power to invigorate, motivate, and exhilarate. Such discoveries yield unbelievable stories today and memories to come.

Mini Corn Maze

Mini MAiZE

Not sure if you want to tackle the whole MAiZE? Try our Mini MAiZE, set in the same cornfield, but much shorter and easier to navigate. This is intended for the little tikes who want the experience of the corn but primarily want to enjoy the other activities.

MAiZE History

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