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Farmstead FUNdraiser... Here's the dirt:



School Nights at Lowe Family Farmstead

Hold a special night for your school at Idaho’s Favorite Farm—Lowe Family Farmstead! We will offer a promotional rate for your students, their families, and friends of just $12 per person plus tax. These weekdays are regularly priced at $16.99 plus tax. Additionally, we will donate to your school $1 from each admission. School FUNdraisers are scheduled on Monday-Thursday evenings throughout the season.

Benefits of holding a School Night at Lowe Family Farmstead

  • Promotional Admission Rate: Students and their families will be excited to visit one of the Treasure Valley’s most popular fall season attractions at a discounted rate.

  • True Entertainment Value: Most attractions at Lowe Family Farmstead are included with the general admission. This is not a “free admission but it costs money to do anything” situation. The MAiZE, Corn Poppers (Jumping Pillows), Cow Train, hayrides, Corn Cob Beach, Slide, spider web, and more are included in admission. Examples of activities that require extra money are Pony Rides, Apple Blaster shots, and pumpkin purchases.

  • Unifying Social Event: Students, Parents, and Teachers build relationships as they interact socially. The fall season timing makes for a great “opening social” for your school.

  • Generate Revenue: Lowe Family Farmstead will make a donation in the amount of $1 per admission from your school during your school night.

Increase Participation and/or Revenue! (OPTIONAL)

Donation Jar.jpg

Loose Change Contest: Conduct a contest to determine which teacher should kiss the pig during the school night at Lowe Family Farmstead. Students who have participated by voting with their loose change are more likely to come!

Kiss the Pig.jpg

Kiss The Pig: The “winning” teacher will get to kiss one of Lowe Family Farmstead’s adorable racing pigs in a fun and engaging show during your school night. This will surely be the high point of your FUNdraiser!

Frequently Asked FUNdraiser Questions

Q: What time should I arrive for our FUNdraiser?

A: Students and families can begin arriving at 4:00pm on the day of their FUNdraiser.

Q: Why should a school hold a Farmstead FUNdraiser?

A: A FUNdraiser is unlike most other opportunities because the focus is on fun. Sales fundraisers have their place, but a school can only have so many before their audience is exhausted. Lowe Family Farmstead Fundraiser offers a valuable unifying event while building (rather than spending) your valuable funds.


Q: How much can a school make from a Farmstead FUNdraiser?

A: The success of a Farmstead FUNdraiser depends entirely on your publicity. Families are thrilled to get such a reduced admission rate, especially when they understand that they won’t have to spend any more money once they are there. They are even more excited when they know they are generating money for their school. Take an average example from 2011. A Kuna elementary school with about 400 students raised $500 in Kiss The Pig change and had approximately 425 people attend the Farmstead Fundraiser Night. Additional revenue from apparel sales put school (PTA) revenue close to $1,000.00.


Q: Why Lowe Family Farmstead?

A: Lowe Family Farmstead is a leader in educating and entertaining Idaho families, beginning in 1997 with Idaho’s Original Corn Maze. It is part of a production farm operated by Jim and Hillary Lowe of Kuna (view their bio). Lowe Family Farmstead is located at 2500 South Eagle Road in Kuna, ID, and has been recognized by TIME magazine, USA Today, Conde Nast Traveler, and other national, regional, and local media.


Q: What else does Lowe Family Farmstead do for schools?

A: Lowe Family Farmstead also hosts educational student field trips.

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