U-Pick Flower Field:

  • We've planted even more flowers and varieties for you to explore, photograph, and enjoy this year!

  • 4 acres of flowers including 17 varieties of sunflowers and 4 varieties of zinnias

  • Enjoy the sunset behind the field in the evening

  • Ride the Grain Train through the flower field

  • Photos can be taken while visiting the farm - this is a great place for photos! NEW: Book a Mini Session in the private section of our Flower Field and bring your own photographer! DETAILS + AVAILABILITY HERE

  • Flowers are sold at $1 per bloom.

  • Pre-purchase your Flower Bucket online for $16.75 ($20.75 if purchased on the farm) while supplies last. This includes the bucket and up to 10 cut sunflower or zinnia blooms the must all fit in the bucket.