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2018 Design Reveal: Famous Potatoes

Idahoans will soon be getting lost and finding fun amidst the eyes of Idaho’s most famous crop carved into the ears of Idaho’s most famous cornfield. The Farmstead, home of Idaho’s original corn maze, opens its 22nd annual cornfield creation later this month featuring a twist on an Idaho icon:

Famous Potatoes

Research shows that Idaho is known better for potatoes than any other state is known for anything, a quirky claim to fame that leads to a mishmash of eye-rolling and home state pride among natives and transplants alike. Love it or hate it, there is no denying that the fame of Idaho’s favorite tuber is fertile ground for The Farmstead’s own brand of homegrown fun. Perhaps the unlikely rise to fame of a very plain-natured, humble spud is just the kind of cinderella story that can a-peel to Idahoans. After all, the success of the famous potato parallels fame recently showered on the Treasure Valley as the ordinary Idaho way of life has been spotlighted by a proliferation of “best of” lists, famously attracting record numbers to the area. Even The Farmstead has had its own glimpse of fame as its small potatoes brand of local, homegrown fun has garnered local and national media attention from the likes of Time Magazine, USA Today, CNN, and The Tonight Show.

In addition to the MAiZE, Farmstead visitors enjoy bushels of good farming funsuch as Corn Popper air pillows, the Famous Idaho Potato Sack Slide, and Apple Blasters as well as mainstays like hayrides, pumpkin picking, and marshmallow roasting. Savvy patrons plan their visits to include Dog Day, Touch-A-Tractor, or Friday Night Fireworks. Notable to passersby is “Rusty the VBB” (very big beast) that crouches near I-84 during the season, beckoning guests to venture through his imposing teeth and explore the belly of the beast. Rounding out the experience is a wide menu of farm fresh foods, only to be topped off by... an ice cream potato.

The Farmstead will be open to the public September 21 – November 3!

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