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A Landmark Year

Tucked away on the back of a corn box barn at Lowe Family Farmstead is a series of 23 signs, each one displaying an aerial photo of our cornfield MAiZE. Sometimes I like to cruise by and remember some of the great memories hidden inside each of those years, wondering what highlights will be discovered with each coming year as we post a new sign on the wall.

Of course, the annual picture of The Farmstead experience has grown to encompass much more than simply the MAiZE design. New attractions, tasty food, and memorable events contribute to more fully realizing our goal of Farming Fun and Harvesting Memories. Now that October 2019 is history, we find ourselves looking back at a picture of a truly memorable, landmark year.

In my mind’s eye, the picture of 2019 begins long ago with a dream and a goal of landing The Farmstead on our own, permanent, home farm. Over the course of many years, we have looked, dreamed, scrimped, and saved to be able to secure a farm. We have leased many properties, bought and sold a few that were not quite right, and eventually were led to the right landing place for Lowe Family Farmstead. In the picture of 2019, this new location is like the coarse canvas upon which the year was painted: each twist and turn of the journey along the way working together to form a tough, gritty, textured backdrop for the year.

Upon this canvas of the Kuna farm would come the first layer of 2019. Much like the bold base-layer passes of a painting, the major improvements to the farm are mostly unnoticed by guests but play an important role in the long-term look, feel, and sustainability of the farm. A new irrigation system, electrical service (including an upgrade of the line coming to the farm), a farm shop for maintenance and repairs, government permitting, road improvements, and perimeter fencing all lay the foundation for many years to come. With the addition of the buildings, booths, and barns relocated from our previous location, the image starts to take shape.

Finally, like thousands of detailed brush strokes on a painting, the real image of 2019 is formed by the individual, unique experiences of our guests. And they are unique! We were privileged to see and hear a small sample of them: Treasured time with family and friends. Spectacular sunsets. Photo sessions in the sunflowers. Teachers kissing pigs for their school. Country hayrides. Surprise discoveries in the pumpkin patch. Marriage proposals. Gorgeous fall days. Shivering nights. Belly rubs for the farm dogs. The coldest October on record in Idaho… brrr! And one major Saturday thunderstorm (that was a first!). These, and thousands of other guest experiences, are the reason for our years-long work, the fun of this crazy business, and the detailed images that will stick in our minds as we look back on the year.

We find ourselves grateful for each of you, our guests, and the flair you add to our year. We hope your experience at Lowe Family Farmstead is a treasured detail in your personal picture of 2019. If you have yet to experience the home farm, we invite you to add a stroke to your painting with our first-ever Christmas on the Farm this December.

After all, if you are like me, the best part of reflecting on the images of years gone by is the anticipation of painting of a new season.

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