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A New Adventure

Recently our kids were sorting through the bookshelves in our house and found the product of a business course from my time at Utah State University. The final project for the class was to develop a business plan, which was then bound as a book. They were quite amused to compare my “agri-tainment” business plan with what has become The Farmstead in the years since. Even more interesting to them was the variety of seasons beyond the fall that we had envisioned in those early days and still dream of today.

Looking back, some of those plans were a bit naïve and others still sound like fun to try. Through the sifting process of years, we have narrowed and refined ideas, travelled the country visiting similar attractions, and researched best practices in preparation for the day we would turn them into reality. 

This fall kicks off a new chapter for Lowe Family Farmstead as we sink roots deep in the home place. But it also launches the adventure of inviting you to experience the full flavor of The Farmstead.  A farm does not exist in a single season -- it is a year-round operation, with opportunity for Farming Fun and Harvesting Memories all along the way. With this in mind, we are excited to announce plans for winter and spring events: Christmas on the Farm and Baby Animal Days at Lowe Family Farmstead. Details will be released as we come closer, but rest assured each of these events will carry the characteristic Farmstead flair you’ve come to expect from our Corn Maze and Pumpkin Festival.

Jim & Hillary Lowe

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