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Big News from The Farmstead

It's official! The Farmstead will be in a new location in 2019! Our landlord has publicly announced that they will be developing our long-time spot at Eagle Road and I-84, prompting us to move. Many of you have reached out to us with concern for what this will do to us and to the event you have come to love over the last 22 years. We appreciate your concern, but the truth is, this is exactly what we have been working toward!

As many of you know, we make our living by farming and have several options of where to relocate The Farmstead. Although the visibility of our freeway location has been nice, our final decision on the new location will be driven by the experience it will provide to you, our guests. There will be more space, beautiful views, and a destination worth seeking out.

For those of you who are eager to know just where The Farmstead will be in 2019, we ask you to stay tuned to these email updates. We are still working out a few details before we make the final call, and you will be the first to know.

Lastly, we ask that when the announcement happens, you help us spread the word. We know the Farmstead experience will step up to a new level and we hope that all of our Farmstead friends get to experience that. Feel free to forward this email and invite your family and friends to also sign up for the updates.

The first 22 years have been quite a ride. A lot has changed from our humble beginnings as a corn maze novelty to the to the full Farmstead experience of recent years. We can't wait to travel the next chapter of Farming Fun and Harvesting Memories with you!

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