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New Year, New Location!

Happy New Year! If you are anything like us, this holiday season has been filled with connections to the people, places, traditions, and activities that make HOME. There has been surprise, excitement, and a whole lot of joy as we reconnect to the elements that make us who we are.

When I graduated from high school, I moved out of state to attend college. The skills I learned from that experience were fun, rewarding, and important preparation for my eventual life work. Nevertheless, as Christmas break approached, my anticipation and excitement to return home was tangible. A friend and I drove against all odds through a winter storm and, without hesitation, stopped at the state line to kiss the ground we associated with our true identities.

With this in mind, we are as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve to announce that in 2019 The Farmstead is moving HOME!

Much like the investment of my college experience, the first chapters of The Farmstead have been an investment toward our eventual destination. We've leased high-visibility locations to build awareness for what was then a novel and unknown concept. We've put creativity and energy toward quality attractions and valuable experiences. Over more than two decades, The Farmstead has become a staple for Idaho families, a rite-of-passage for transplants looking to embrace Idaho life, and a tradition anticipated by kids and kids-at-heart. All the while, our sights have been set on a permanent location where Farmstead guests can continue Farming Fun and Harvesting Memories for generations to come.

Beginning in Fall 2019, The Farmstead will be located at our home place in Kuna: 2500 South Eagle Road, Kuna (it’s important when typing our new address into a GPS, Google, etc. that designating the city of Kuna is essential to getting correct directions.) We know this move will mean a further drive for many of our guests, and passersby will certainly miss seeing the farm come to life (not to mention Rusty the Very Big Beast hanging out on the freeway!) Nevertheless, we are confident the fun to be had on the farm in Kuna will take The Farmstead experience to a new level.

We look forward to sharing this adventure with you as we move attractions and prepare the farm for Fall 2019. Truth be told, we just can't wait to bring life to some new Farmstead experiences that have not fit well in our previous locations. Our hope is that when the season comes around, you'll find The Farmstead welcoming you like an old friend, finally settled in a home perfect for producing fresh crops of memories for decades to come.

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