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Springtime in Idaho

Spring is a great time! Around the farm, wheat fields are growing, corn is planted and ready to pop up, and pumpkin seed will soon be in the ground. Around town, we notice a lot of other “crops” springing up, too. Houses are being built left and right and we can’t help but notice more cars on the roads as we move tractors from field to field. If you’ve been by The Farmstead lately, you can’t miss the big new Norco store and office building going up next door. We have been “fielding” quite a few questions from family and friends about just how that will impact The Farmstead. Rest assured, ALL the fun of The Farmstead is growing right where it has been in years past!

We hear a mix of excitement and concern over all the people moving to Idaho lately. We understand why so many want to be a part of the greatness that is Idaho. For our part, we will continue to share a piece of our farm with the public each fall. We hope that will help keep Idahoans – longtime and new — rooted in what makes Idaho special.

So amidst all the growth in the valley, we’ll be right here -- Farming Fun and Harvesting Memories.

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