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Summer Has Arrived!

Summer has arrived on the farm! At The Farmstead, and across other parts of our farm, we are shifting gears from the excitement of spring planting to the regular routine of summer. Soon temperatures will be climbing and we will be feeling the “Dog Days of Summer” as we work to keep water to crops and control weeds, all in preparation for the thrill of harvest this fall.

Summer is a tireless time for us—tending, planning, building, and working behind the scenes for what we know will be a fulfilling and rewarding experience in months to come.

The other day while setting irrigation water at The Farmstead, I found myself doing quite a bit of shoveling to get the water to flow in the right direction. Finally, corrugates were cleaned and dikes were built such that everything was working and I was exhausted! With a sweaty brow I stopped and leaned on my shovel. Looking out over the young corn and emerging pumpkin plants, a vision of the bustling energy on a busy fall day put a spring back in my step.

Perhaps we all find moments in life when our harvest is still in the distant future and our day-to-day is filled with the mundane. I, for one, will be carried through by the anticipation of a picture-perfect harvest day at The Farmstead. Join me. If we’re lucky, I’ll see you there.

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